Hidden ASSets Miniature Donkey Farm Photos

This is George the one that made Steve realize that animals do have personality, sometimes too much for their own good...

Bomb and Wind Walker checking out the herd of girls the day that they arrived at Hidden Assets.

This is Kracker all ready to go in his very first parade...

After watching all the crazy people for a few minutes Kracker figured this parade stuff isn't that big of a deal and took it all in stride.

It's that time of the year, Kracker and Lonnie are off to deliver Wreaths to the neigbors for the Holidays.

Howard just realized he's the only jack in this pasture with all the jennies and he's thinking, so many women and so little time!!

When your short the view never changes!

The official farm dog!

Is it still snowing?

Brem and George at it again!!

Curious George!!

Brem and George discussing the girls.

George keeping an eye on the new foals.

In Loving Memory of Junior 4-9-1982 to 11-2-2007

Rhoda is the long ear that started it all! She was Steve's very first purchase.

Renee and Cash in the back of her VW bug coming home from MSU.

Stew keeping an eye on his girls.

Looking out into the pasture from our deck.

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